【映像】Silent Moving Image


Video assignment (ビデオエッセイ)

YEAR 2017

I made this as an exercise for ARHT2652 class, on August 10th, 2017. (The main purpose of this exercise is getting used to use iMovie).

All the first three films show fighting sequence, and they are simple in a narrative. These clips don't directly access to the audience, but they need to be seen to work as entertainment. They might be not so sensation in terms of content because some of the audience probably have seen this kind of show before it became a film. However, it is a totally different experience to watch these show in life and in theatre as a film because once they are filmed, they become a part of aesthetic work. In contrast to these clips, the last clip has access to (or involves) audience by showing a man swallowing camera and photographer. It produces wonder and entertainment in a cinematic way.