Project-Based Learning with BiPSEE


Together with French students, We conducted a 9-week joint research project on the topic of "Development of VR-based therapies".

YEAR 2022

Utilizing Unity and Oculus, We have developed software to overcome arachnophobia using VR.

I was in charge of developing and facilitating this project.
Since two of the four team members were international students, we struggled to exchange opinions in the early stages of the project. However, as discussions continued, I was able to improve my language and management skills, and we were able to clearly determine the project's guidelines, basic design, and our respective roles, allowing the project to proceed smoothly.

As for the development, since it was done in unity, the development itself had to be done by one person, and I was worried about whether I would be able to complete the project within the time frame while doing assignments from the university.
As the project progressed, the details of the project were determined, and each time improvements and new features were added, so temporarily, I considered creating a compromise and ending the project there.
However, thanks to the support of our team members, we managed to complete the system.

By working with international students from the upstream design process to the downstream process (system testing) in this way, I was able to acquire not only Ability to create VR apps in Unity and English language skills but also management, requirement analysis, problem solving, and other skills necessary for each development process. I believe that the experience and knowledge I gained from this project will be very useful in my research and group work.