BiPSEE Project


Creation of digital therapeutics using VR

In Unity, which is necessary for the BiPSEE internship, I learned how to write basic C# scripts to make objects work and how to create various objects in Unity, while learning from graduate students. 

In addition, as part of the internship activities, I learned how to output projects created in Unity as VR using Oculus, how to add their own animations, and how to introduce eye detection using Ray.

The BiPSEE activities were divided into groups, with the goal of creating digital therapeutics using VR. In our group, we were divided into two roles, one to develop the project and the other to present it, with the aim of approaching phobia patients, among which we developed a project for arachnophobia. I was involved in the development of VR objects. As a result of my main activities, I developed task missions 2 and 3 to overcome the phobia.

 In Task 2, I came up with the idea of using Ray to judge the patient's line of sight to recognize objects in order to familiarize the phobic patient with objects related to spiders. For Tasks 2 and 3, we used free assets for all spider objects used in this project, so we felt that the spiders were not realistic enough. 

In Task 3, we also used Distance to create a program that could display the distance so that patients could take action against the spider on their own. In addition, we developed a teleportation method that does not use any assets, which means less processing and can be used in VR, and created and presented explanatory materials for the demonstration

There were foreign students in our group, and all communication was done in English, so I had to study English more than ever before. However, I was not good at listening and converting my thoughts into English immediately, and many things came to the surface that I regretted in English, such as incorrect grammar in English communication.

I also spent a lot of time developing the UI for Oculus, which can be done with Unity, because the other member of the team used his PC to build the environment for the Oculus development.

Since most of these development hours were spent in the laboratory, I feel that the amount of time I spent on development was one of the highest.

Since We didn't have enough time to collect the data that would be the outcome of this project, I felt it necessary to further develop the project based on user feedback and effects in future development.

Please click on the Website. There is a demo practice video of the project we used.